16 October 2014

A dinkyheart maternity session

I'm often contacted by expectant mamas who are considering a maternity shoot but are unsure if its really for them. I'm here to tell you it is!

When I was asked to do my first maternity session for a friend I must admit I was dubious, it wasn't really the type of photography I was used to and I wasn't completely sure of the purpose of it, but she managed to twist my arm, and now I totally get it! In fact maternity sessions are now one of my favourite's. The excitement, anticipation and love that is present in these sessions is incredible. Its new and unique for every couple, as they approach such a life changing event, and for me to document all of this is just magical. 

Most prospective clients have lots of questions, they want to know when and where to have the maternity session, what they should wear, and how to convince their husband to get involved, I hope this blog post will answer all of those questions and even get hubby excited at the thought of a maternity session. 

A maternity session can be held at your home or an outside location, I personally love a beach maternity session and at sunset it just adds to the romance and excitement of it all, however a home session is very intimate and perhaps more relaxing for some people, this is something we can discuss in more detail, it really depends what you hope to get from the images and what you want to do with them.

As a general rule I recommend you book in your maternity session between 32-37 weeks, I recommend this time frame, as (in my opinion) your bump is usually a nice size and shape by then and you still feel like your yourself, you're still reasonably active and able to move around for the session, but of course everyone is different so this is just a guide, you being comfortable is the most important thing.

As with all of my sessions, a maternity session is very relaxed and not overly posed. I will suggest particular ways to stand in order to excentuate your bump and flatter your figure, and I will move around you to get the shot and angle I require. I find the session to be a time of realization and excitement, you spend much of the time talking about the little ones arrival and filling me in on your plans and I capture all of that excitement in the images, it really is a beautiful time for an expectant couple and very little posing is needed to reflect that. 

The most important points here are that you are comfortable in what you're wearing and that your outfit shows off your bump. I recommend to my clients that they bring at least 2 outfits to a session, and one of those should clearly show your bump, a long skirt with a tight vest top that can be pulled up for example. The second outfit should be something that you love and that you are comfortable in. If you're a hat person bring a hat, if you love scarves like me, then bring one, and if you love chunky jewelry then wear it, because, although my sessions have a particular feel to them I also want them to be individual to you and your style. But again I would remind you that the outfit should highlight your bump, although floaty dresses are lovely they can look a bit shapeless, a tight maxi, or dress that nips in around the bump will look better in the photos.  

Block colours tend to work better than patterns as they don't draw the attention away form the bump,  and as a general rule light, natural colours work well for at home maternity session, remember though you're the one who will have the photos on your wall so make sure you like the colours of your outfits. 

Take a look at my pinterest board for more inspiration and also through my maternity gallery for examples of what other expectant mammas have worn, but remember above all its very important that you're comfortable in what you're wearing. If you need any more advice or to talk through your ideas just drop me an email, I love to talk outfits ;) xox

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