04 August 2016

Ede at 5 months old...

You're cute and shy // you love music and the sound of your own voice {especially at 5am} // you're stubborn and determined // you're desperate to walk and crawl // you've just learned to sit - minus a few mishaps // you can roll from your back to your front but seem to have forgotten how to roll from your front to back, so you always get stuck on your front // you're so brave and try so hard not to cry // but when you do cry you have the loudest cry in the whole wide world // you're very sure of who and what you want, and fight to get your own way already // you're more than ready to sleep in your own room but I want to keep you close for just a while longer // you put every toy in your mouth and don't play with even one of the toys I picked especially for you at this stage // you suck your thumb when you're tired but fight being put down for a nap //  your first response to people is a frown, usually followed by a giggle // you love being outside // you love Old MacDonald had a Farm and your favourite sounds are sheep and Lion {not strictly a farm animal but I don't think you mind} // you are our beautiful, perfect baby girl at 5 months old 

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