17 June 2014

Jamila & Mark

As the sun set across the ocean I met Jamila and Mark at a beach along Al Sufouh Road, a spot that I can usually rely on to be fairly empty… but today was a holiday and the beach was filled with families, cars, dogs, barbecues, wind breakers, the lot… whilst a bit of atmosphere can add to a shoot this was not the relaxing vibe we were after for a romantic maternity session, so we jumped back in the cars and whizzed along Beach Road, weaving between houses trying to find another beach that hadn't been discovered by the hoards ;) 

Thankfully we came across this one, just opposite Bu Qtair (an awesome little fish shack serving a variety of fish caught that day) and although there were still a few families making the most of the long weekend we were able to relax and and get some beautiful photos of this stunning Mama to be! xox

Al Qtair fish restaurant… a must try if you're in Dubai!

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