03 July 2014

A dinkyheart family photo session - what to expect

Today I thought I'd address those all important questions that many of you have when you've booked your family photo session - what you should bring to the session,  what to wear, whether or not you should co-ordinate your families outfits, what if your child doesn't behave or respond well etc etc….

Firstly any of you that know me, personally or professionally know that I'm pretty relaxed and this is definitely reflected in my sessions. Once you have secured your date I will email you a little questionnaire and some information about clothing and then about a week before the shoot I will give you a call just to confirm and details and discuss any questions you may have. This early prep means the session will run smoothly and will result in pictures that you love and cherish forever. 

So what should you bring to a session?

Whatever you like is the simple answer. For a family session aside form the obvious water, snacks, a change of clothes and a treat (just incase we need a little bribe ;) )  I'd recommend  you bring your child's favourite books and a favourite toy - do remember though, whatever you bring may end up in some of the pictures - so If you don't want a bright yellow digger in the pictures definitely don't bring it ;) 

Ensuring your child is comfortable and enjoying themselves is the main aim so I usually suggest you pick out a few toys that you'd be happy with and then ask your child what ones they want to bring. Giving older children a choice usually means they will be excited and therefore much more likely to co-operate - I always come armed with my bubble machine which seems to work for children of pretty much any age!  

What should you wear and should you co-ordinate?

This is a huge topic and one I will cover in more detail in a blog post next week - but the simple answer is wear what ever you are comfortable in. Theres nothing worse than having your pictures taken when you don't feel your very best - I usually suggest mums get your nails and hair done if you have time and treat yourselves to something new to wear - after all these pictures will be hanging on your walls for years to come - as if you needed an excuse right ;) 

I think a slight color theme works well and helps pull the images together - whether that means all of you wearing one item of clothing that is the same colour or the adults wearing something plain and the children wearing a contrasting colour - I would definitely urge you to think carefully about the colours you choose and how they would look when printed and hanging in your home. 

This subtle blue and white theme works really well >

As does this neutral and khaki theme >

An important aspect with outfit choice is to make sure your clothes suit the location, if you are having a session on the beach dress yourselves and your children for it, everyone will have much more fun if they're comfortable and not worrying about their outfits. As I said this is a huge topic and something I will cover in more detail next week - but for a few ideas check out my pinterest board.

Next up is what happens if your little one doesn't behave or respond well!

My answer to this would be please don't worry about this at all! I have never had a photo shoot with a child that can't be won around in one way or another. 

Firstly the photo session is fun, its usually at the beach or park - what child wouldn't want to be there? Secondly you will be giving your child or children lots of attention - this is a chance for you to take an hour or two out of your busy lives and really indulge in some family time - all children love this! Thirdly if your child is shy and takes a while to warm up its no problem, I allow plenty of time for this - every child is different and I'm confident that I can win each and every one of them round ;) 

Above all a family photo session is a fun experience that results in beautiful, natural images of your family interacting - whilst I will give some guidance theres no posing or fake smiles just a beautiful document of your family as they really are! 

I hope this has answered some of your questions  about what to expect and how to prepare for your family sessions - if you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch xox

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