26 August 2014

Personal Growth

So anyone who reads my blog knows that this year I started upon my journey of personal and professional growth. 

I've always been quite content plodding along, doing what I enjoy with no specific goals as such, and whilst I actually quite like this easy going side of my personality, I realized i'd also like to push myself a bit harder. I guess what with turning 30 this year, getting married last year, and moving countries (twice), I've had plenty of time and reason for self reflection, it made me consider myself, my life and my ultimate goals. I know this may all sound a bit dramatic but I felt this was the year to excel and to push myself out of my easy going comfort zone. 

I came up with a list of goals - Grow my business, learn the Ukulele and Arabic, get over some of my (less than productive) 'quirks' and become more confident and less hung up on the small things.

So I tackled #1 by getting an awesome business mentor, Charlie who has taught me sooo much already (I will tell you more about this after my last session with her in a few weeks),  I have my arabic lessons on as I type and am starting my Ukelele lessons soon… but as for shaking off some of the oddities that I feel hold me back, this will I guess be a work in progress. 

I have begun to tackle this with hypnotherapy. 

Ever since a friend of mine got hypnotherapy years ago, I've thought it was something that could work for me, I'm fairly strong minded and have tried all of the obvious ways of building my confidence, becoming less anxious and avoiding obsessing over the small stuff and whilst I manage it quite well I knew that I needed something drastic if this was going to be the year that I left it all behind. So now after 4 sessions how do I feel? Am I fixed?

Well thats for everyone else (especially my husband) to judge. 

The sessions certainly left me feeling empowered, driven and motivated, I realised that some of my 'quirks' were quite ridiculous, like needing to arrive at every appointment an hour early just incase I'm late, and worrying about every word I write or say, because it might offend someone (i'm not an offensive person so this is very unlikely) The hypnotherapy helped me put these things in to perspective and I really feel this has helped my day to day life. 

Sue, the lovely lady who led the sessions, also taught me how to distract myself from becoming anxious in the first place, relax my mind at night, using self hypnosis and therefore have a good sleep, it amazing what a good nights sleep can do for your state of mind. 

The sessions didn't 'fix' everything, I'd say I still have some OCD tendencies and some things that I need to work on but I will continue to do the self hypnosis as I can definitely feel the benefits of totally relaxing my mind and my body, and I will use the methods that Sue recommended to distract myself from small day to day worries. And as for the new motivation that the hypnotherapy gave me, I will use it to succeed at all of my other goals this year! 

If you feel inspired to face some underlying issues that you feel are holding you back then i'd definitely recommend hypnotherapy and in particular Sue at Candela clinic in Henley-on-Thames and Harley Street, London.

And I'll be sure to keep you posted with how my self hypnosis goes!

Good Luck,

Lianne xox



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