04 August 2014

Three Little Explorers

This session has to be one of my favourites so far, the location and children were stunning, it involved twins (which I love to photograph), and they made me feel so welcome in their beautiful family home. 

I met Helen and her husband in Stockholm, she's the sweetest lady and was bought the session as a gift from a close friend. We clicked straight away, they were very much in to travelling and their daughter, like me had married in France, so we had lots in common. Together we drove the 20 minutes out of the city to meet the rest of their family at their stunning home.     

It was elevated with views over the water and backing onto the woods, perfect for three little children to explore. Josephine, mummy to the little ones, said they wanted the session to be very relaxed, capturing the children very much as they are now, so with that in mind I followed along as they showed me their toys, snacks, snails and ants. The children spoke only in Swedish (and although I was taking lessons my swedish wasn't up to much) but of course being children this didn't matter and we spoke to each other about the things they were showing me. 

After an hour or so of play we stopped for afternoon tea and then got back to it, of course with 3 children, parents, and grandparents, we needed a fair amount of time but the whole session was so relaxed that I didn't even notice the hours flying by. The whole family made me feel so welcome and although the light was actually a bit tricky, a mixture of bright sunshine and then periods of cloud, we were all very pleased with the results. 

I'm absolutely thrilled that I was able to do a family photo shoot in such a beautiful location in Sweden, I hope you enjoy the images xox

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