07 December 2014


I love this session because it absolutely highlights what a dinkyheart family photo session is all about and why I love what I do.

Oliver's mummy had warned me that Oliver can be quite shy around new people, so I'd prepared myself for quite a slow session, getting to know him before taking any pictures etc etc, but I'd totally under estimated the power of talking about the gruffalo and my trusty bubble machine, because within 5 minutes we were firm friends and he was having a ball. Mummy and daddy played, ran, jumped and chased Oliver, and he had a super time, totally unfazed by the camera. 

This is the key difference between a studio photo session and a lifestyle shoot, Oliver wasn't focused on me, the camera, or an unusual situation, but on having fun with his parents in the park, and this is why a lifestyle photo session is especially suited to a child who is a little shy. 

As it turns out Oliver is a funny, cheeky, confident little boy and was an absolute joy to photograph :)

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