22 October 2015

How to dress for your maternity session

With so many stunning and stylish expectant mammas in front of my camera recently, I thought I'd share some swoon worthy maternity outfits to inspire your photo session and some tips on where and how to shop for your clothes for the session.

So there are a few things to bear in mind when you are shopping for clothes for your maternity session - number one - this isn't a time to be shy or modest, this session is meant to celebrate your changing shape, your beautiful curves and of course your bump so don't hide away, look for clothes that show off your bump. A maxi skirt with a tight vest that can be rolled up for example. 

Number two - its not necessarily about finding clothes that will take you right through pregnancy and beyond - shopping for clothes in Dubai can be tough at times, and shopping for maternity wear is even worse - so don't stick to the lacking maternity stores but instead head to Mango, Zara or even H&M and buy an outfit in a slightly bigger size, that you can then either just wear for the session or have altered to fit your shape perfectly. All of my most recent maternity clients have done this and looked fabulous!

Number 3 - if you don't want to get your bump out for photos thats absolutely fine but remember we're still there to show it off in some way so wear a floaty top that will cling to the curves, or a caftan that will hang off of your bump and you can clinch in under the bump.

Number 4 - Accessorize! Whatever your thing is wear it - mine is always bangles and some kind of scarf, without them I just wouldn't be me, so whats very you? Hats, necklaces, flowy materials… whatever it is make a conscious effort to wear it and make the pictures your own!

Lastly remember to be yourself and dress to your own style and beat, and buy something that is the super extra fabulous version of you.

For my session (below) I got two skirts from splash for 50AED each in a much bigger size than I usually am (and no I'm not sharing what size haha) this meant I didn't have the muffin top that I have with my normal size maxi skirts :/ and I got two baggy short tops from forever21 for less than 100AED that I would never wear in every day life but looked fab for the shoot!

For more ideas take a look at my pinterest board and if you want some advice feel free to drop me an email, I love to talk maternity fashion 

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