31 October 2013

How beautiful it is to travel...

With our recent wedding in France, followed by our relocation to Sweden, I've been very fortunate to visit some beautiful places over the last few months, from the wine region of Bordeaux, to our mini honeymoon in Paris, the beautiful beaches of the South West of England and eventually to my new home in Stockholm, my camera has barely left my side.

Whilst traveling to new countries is something I could never ever tire of, moving to and starting afresh in a new country brings with it many challenges. In Dubai those challenges were learning the cultural and religious etiquette, finding our way around - discovering that maps were out of date before you'd even left the shop with them, understanding administration processes - or the lack of them and generally building up our lives from scratch - of course all of those things seem so familiar to us now, in fact I became much more comfortable with day to day things like food shopping, catching a cab and going to the cinema in Dubai than I feel in the UK now, but its those initial challenges that make moving to a new country so exciting. 

So as we settle in to life in Sweden I've been considering our new challenges, learning a new language, meeting new friends and of course a major one for us, adjusting to the climate. Moving from the desert heat of the UAE to Sweden with its Nordic winter weather will take some getting used to, but with these small challenges comes lots of excitement, the kind of excitement that you only have whilst you're unfamiliar with your environment, every street sign, building, shop, person, type of weather, every single 'everything' is intriguing and beautiful and totally foreign to me, and this is why i've been sure to keep my camera with me as I make these new discoveries, because soon they will become familiar and somewhat common place, but for now as winter approaches and I plan my upcoming travels I will continue to explore the fast changing landscape of Sweden and enjoy being a tourist in my new home town :) 


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