17 February 2014

Quba, Baros and Beautiful Veda

Check out these handsome twin boys and their beautiful baby sister Veda. Their mummy contacted me to see if I could fit them in for a shoot whilst they were on their holidays in Dubai and luckily it tied in perfectly with my November trip. As luck would have it the whole family caught a horrible tummy bug and it was hit or miss as to whether they would be well enough to make the shoot… but after a nap and a rest we pushed the shoot back until the late afternoon and made the most of the beautiful soft evening light. 

This family used to live in Dubai and hold a special place in my heart as I taught the twins (what seems like a million years ago when I was a nursery teacher) when they were just 18 months old!!!! They were awesome then and after not seeing them properly in a few years they still had the beautiful personalities and cheeky smiles that I remember. It was so nice to catch up with the whole family and meet the newest addition Veda, who definitely rules the roost when it comes to her big brothers! 

They have since moved on to new adventures in Fiji… lucky them hey! I wish them all the best in their new life and hope to run in to them again some day… maybe a trip to Fiji is in order!? 

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