11 February 2014


I can't believe this is my first post of 2014… is it too late to wish you all a happy new year?? 

So I'm finally back in Stockholm after an awesome 6 weeks away, honeymooning in Tanzania - climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, exploring Zanzibar and Stone Town and visiting old friends in Dubai and the UK. As you've probably guessed traveling is my favorite thing to do (I guess thats the same for most people) and travel photography is of course a definite passion of mine so please forgive the overload of photos in this post ;)

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro may seem a bit odd for a honeymoon, hiking all day, camping, no showers!!!  and it certainly wasn't my first choice but it was on the hubby's bucket list so I figured compromise being key to a happy marriage, plus the fact that I was desperate to visit Africa, we should give it a go! 

After arriving into the bustling city of Dar es Salaam and bribing our way onto an earlier flight (my very first bribing experience ;) ) we landed into the tiny airport of Kilimanjaro, a serene, green, sleepy airport, utterly beautiful and not at all as I'd expected. 

Two days after getting our first glimpse of kili from our rustic little hotel we began our hike. Accompanied by 10 other people from around the world, 4 guides and 30 porters we hiked through forest, moorlands and alpine desert until finally we approached the icey summit. It was minus 15 degrees with a bitter wind so unfortunately my camera didn't make it out of my bag at this point, but we did capture the all important two minutes that we spent at Uhuru Point, the summit of Kilimanjaro, on my phone. Climbing to the roof of Africa was a real personal achievement and I'm proud to have ticked Kili off of my to do list but more than that I'm oh so very grateful that I'll never have to do it again ;) 

Barely able to walk we made our way to my part of the honeymoon and some serious R&R in Zanzibar, where as much as we tried to relax and do nothing our itchy feet took us to stone town, the oldest part of Zanzibar city. The maze of alleys, made up of shops, bizarres, houses and mosques, mixed with the arabian, persian, indian and european architecture make this place a photographers dream. So after some exploring, relaxing, and many cocktails we made our way to Dubai for the final part of our trip. I have included a few cityscapes that I shot whilst there as I'd recently realized that even though I lived in Dubai for 6 years I'd never captured the awesome skyline in all its glory… so now I have! 

Anyway like I said I apologize for the abundance of images but with such an awesome trip its almost impossible not to share! I hope you enjoy this snippet of Tanzania, I can't wait to get back to Africa to explore some more! xoxox

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