14 May 2014

Back to Dubai I Go...

Its after 11pm and I've been frantically packing and organizing myself all evening for another trip to Dubai for 11 photo shoots in 11 days! You'd think I'd having packing down to a fine art by now… with this being my 7th trip away so far this year... but still I try on each outfit, hoping that it will be ok to wear the same pair of shoes with each one but always deciding that I need at least 3 pairs - black, nude and wedges of course, not to mention the 4 pairs of flats, and so the cycle continues. 

But today I had to make these extremely important decisions quickly, as I had so many other things to do. I've been working super hard with my business mentor Charlie this week, from completely redesigning my website (which is still a work in progress), to setting up mailing lists, getting business cards designed and printed and untangling all the horrible technical stuff in between I've really had my work cut out… but its funny how none of it feels like hard work at all... even when I drag myself to bed at 2am with square eyes from staring at a monitor for the last 6 hours, or when my husband complains that we're having take away yet again… I guess when you're working towards your own dreams of success it feels easy and worthwhile. 

So as I download my uni assignment that I will write on the plane tomorrow and reply to my clients about locations, outfits, and timings, I feel blessed to be doing what i love and especially to catching up with this gorgeous lot this week xox

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